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Giving Back with a Masters Degree in School Counseling

School counseling is a unique career choice in that it lets you create a great financial source of income for your family and lets you help the youth of our future at the same time. Anytime you can use your education to achieve a goal like this, it helps you to feel confident every day at work and satisfied in the results you see. The first part of this journey is to find out what is required to obtain this certification and what kind of school commitment it requires.

Some students may first want to check out the availability of online classes, since this path gives them more freedom to hold down a job and perhaps take care of close family members. There are two things to check with the online school before you start and one is the licensure, while the other is the cost of the classes. If the school already has a class path built up for this career field, they can help you go through and see which classes you’ve already taken, versus those you still need to complete.

Classwork will certainly take up time, but there may also be observation time that needs to be included, so find out how many hours of observation are required in order to graduate.In order to certify that these hours have been completed, you might need a licensed professional to sign off on the hours so you can receive the appropriate amount of credit for them. While you can learn from a book, a live observation session will let you see clients in action as they react to the various techniques used by the counselor to interact with them.

The beauty of this work is that you can travel to help children or students deal with the aftermath of certain school-based disasters, and you can choose from many different schools and universities to work with. You’ll have the tools to help them work through their emotions and have a kind of understanding about what happened around them. This kind of impression leaves a lasting change on the person who you helped and they often to and help someone else with what they learned.

There aren’t as many moments in a day to stop and chat with individuals who seem to be feeling badly unnecessarily, but in this work, you have the opportunity to do just that. Even though this degree is going to require a consistent amount of time and effort, it will help you leave your mark on the world, create real change for your clients and give yourself a rewarding place to make a living every single day.

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