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Where a Newbie Mountain Climber Shall Start

Mountain climbing is often referred to as an adventurous sport, more than it is a leisurely pastime. In mountain climbing, various activities are covered, such as climbing rocks, hiking, glaciers crossing, camping, among others. This sport needs you to be prepared mentally and physically, and to exercise a lot of patience. There is also the training that goes with mountain climbing that you need you have. Mountain climbing has always been a nice way t break from what you go through on a daily basis. It doubles up as a great vacation experience. You will get to experience wonderful memories that you shall treasure for a long time to come. When you think of how treacherous the journey can get, yet still, go for it, you will have made your character stronger. There is a lot you need to ensure in place before you go up a mountain.

You need to think of which mountain to climb. You have to decide between a minor climb and a major one. Minor climbs do not last longer than a day, and do not require that much effort. When a climb takes you a number of days and a lot of physical effort to get to the top and back, it is called a major climb. You get to choose which one, depending on your capabilities and experience. There are also other things you need to think of a destination, like what amenities such a place has, whether it has plenty of drinkable water and whether the views from the top are worth the hassle.

If you are not going to be camping while climbing, you need to think of places available for you to stay in, such as resorts.
The equipment you shall be carrying needs to also be sorted out. As a starter, you need to have in place a good pair of hiking boots, pants and jackers. Buy the ones that are waterproof and quick to dry. Look also at the type of bag you buy. With time, you shall need more equipment as you go further in your climbs. A lightweight tent is a must for those embarking on a major climb. You also need to have enough food and water.

You need to look at how healthy you are. A climb requires you to train adequately for you to successfully take on a mountain. You will need to work your leg muscles well for the climb, using exercises such as jogging and stair climbing. You need to also train for heavy load carrying, since you will be carrying your own equipment and supplies.

Either climb with an experienced person, or sign up for a group expedition. They will ensure you do not risk your life along the way.

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