Compounding for Pet Owners is a Response to a Lack of Availability

Bova Compounding seeks to remedy a common and problematic issue in the veterinary care industry. For largely positive and valued reasons, medicines are discontinued or unavailable for a temporary period of time. It is not entirely uncommon for even common drugs and medicines to be inaccessible by a local provider due to network communication, bottle-necking, availability, restrictions, or even funds.

It’s actually quite common. Some of these problems in lack of availability are avoidable and some are mostly necessary repercussions of oversight and regulation. The ultimate goal is to protect the animals, and it sometimes results in independent situations that seem bad on the surface.

Bova’s Compounding System

The focus at Bova is to pick up the pieces where regulations and discontinuations in regards to availability fall short. The system is known as compounding. Compounding for pet owners can come into effect when pet owners are severely against the wall in availability for the medicine they need.

Compounding medicine is tailor-made and customized for the veterinary care providers. When the main option is not available, veterinary care specialists can suggest a compounded product. They can have them at their disposal. The compounded alternative works around the limitations and restrictions of the main option.

These are tailor-made prescription products that fill in the gaps when the main product is unavailable. It is working brilliantly in many markets. The compound providers, such as Bova Compounding, can supply these custom alternatives at a niche scale.

Responding to Shortage

Bova understands that shortage is, in some ways, an inevitable part of veterinary care. There may also be a shortage of funds or there may always be restrictions that control allocation and disbursement. The focus at Bova is not on fixing these somewhat inevitable bottlenecks in distribution. The focus is having a response to when it does happen and working with patients who are particularly vulnerable to it happening. This could include patients with animals that need special and highly-regulated medicines or patients who have a major lack of funds.

Bova and his team are present to alleviate these situations when they arise by developing a response plan. Compounded products work in the system but around the repercussions of lack of availability.

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